Start an Online Business Without Having to Pay For Maketing Or Advertising

I know what you’re thinking, start and online business without having to market or advertise? Well it’s true. It is one component to a two part approach for starting an online business. For year’s many online e-Commerce businesses have attributed their success and associated costs to the traditional way of doing business online.Approach #1The traditional approach to starting an online e-Commerce business is to follow some simple actions to start the process. The following is a list of action items in no particular order that need to happen prior to set-up.- Perform Market Research on the Business You want to Start
– Understand Drop Shipping or inventory management
– Legalize Your Business
– Create or buy a Domain Name
– Web Hosting or Site Creation
– Open a Checking Account
– eMail
– Website Optimization
– Customer Service
– Marketing
– Affiliate Programs
– Shopping Carts
– Obtain a Merchant Account
– Perform Competitive Research on the Internet
– Order FulfillmentThis is what the traditional approach is to starting an online e-Commerce business. Sounds like the same old information that you get from millions of websites on the internet. Times have changed and so has the business model. Business owners have spent countless dollars to search engines for advertising their business website. It is time that businesses that sell products get an upper hand on the market and put them in the driver’s seat. Online businesses have to pay for advertising, pay for marketing, invest countless hours on natural SEO, and a myriad of other out of pocket money that should remain in the possession of the business owner. The first approach continues to dominate the internet and will in the future.Approach #2The second approach requires “out-of-box” thinking. This approach focuses to looking at an online e-Commerce business with a fresh set of eyes. The first approach will act as a platform or vehicle for which businesses will process the orders and the second approach catapults the first. This model is known by multi-million dollar companies, but not to small businesses online that sell products. Remember that the traditional model is still being used and the mindset has not shifted from how to drive traffic to an e-Commerce website. Until the mindset is changed and the business owner chooses another path, business owners will not see the benefit to this approach. A comprehensive solution using the first and second approach has been fully developed and matured; however, online businesses still fail to realize their potential to capture the business. Imagine an online e-Commerce business that no longer requires excessive money to market and advertise, but simply generates income without the added expense. The thought of this approach can seem unreal. This is not the case. The reality is that the solution to this age old internet problem has been solved. In order to conceptualize this approach it does require that a business adopt this new method of business. The good news for those business owners that are skeptical of this approach, businesses do not have to abandon the traditional approach. That can continue as normal in parallel and adopt the second to achieve colossal results.Business owners should feel that their interest level in the second approach has changed after reading this article. The desire for every business owner is to minimize costs and increase profitability. Adopting a new way to growing company profitability is here to stay it is up to the business owner to seize the opportunity before them. New business start-up’s that do not have a significant amount of capital to advertise, market, attract customers, and drive business, this is the time to act on the new approach to internet business. In searching the internet one can find work from home programs, purchase an online business already operational, start an online business, affiliate programs, financial blogging, and many more. The key is to develop a baseline of income from an e-Commerce business so that after your customer base is set, additional customers that attach themselves to you become pure profit. To expand on this, if your customer base enables a business to generate revenue with associated profit to cover expenses, the balance is profit that has no expense attached to it. The second approach to this business model achieves this. Once customers understand your approach and business overall, the business is yours to lose.There is a call to action on the business horizon that should not be ignored, but embraced. The potential to achieve huge profits sits at the door step for those who have an e-Commerce business or are thinking of starting one.Online E-Commerce Business Solutions Start an online business that requires no marketing and advertising, start your eBusiness Domination Today.

Medical Billing Services – Choose Wisely

It’s not news nowadays that healthcare providers are heavily outsourcing their medical billing services to professional companies to look after their medical billing and collections. A number of physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centres, laboratories, DME companies, and other entities associated with the healthcare industry have realized the need for professional handling to regain focus on revenue recovery mainly through the reduction in operational costs.There lies another challenge ahead – to find out the proper medical billing service, which can provide you with the solution you are looking at your budget. It is extremely important to research rigorously by self-defined parameters for selecting the desired service. However, some common factors that can be broadly considered essential for most healthcare providers can be discussed:Points to PonderSome basic points that cannot be overlooked in your search for the desired medical billing assistance will include the following:• Accurate and efficient service: Go for the medical billing services that can take the onus of all your billing collections – accurate, complete, and timely payment from the third party payers and patients through latest technology to attain maximum efficiency in the system.• Excellent references: Revenue is the key focus and you need more business for that and for more business you need more references. Look for medical billing services that have enough experience and reputation to provide you excellent referrals from physicians.• Expert coding: Coding is one of the most important aspects of medical billing in this time of EMR and EHR technology. Sought medical billing services that can provide you with the required expertise in ICD-10 coding. Due to an absence of certified and experienced coders in their in-house team, most of the practices suffer from common coding issues like:o Unbundling: Unbundling involves listing of different billing codes for charging for services falling under one billing code. This results in bill getting inflated because the items that should have been billed as a package rate get billed separately.o Balance billing: This coding error arises when the balance bill sent to the patient after the insurance company’s price negotiation with the care provider and all of the hospital’s charges are supposed to be covered under the patient’s policy.o Duplicate Billing: Another common billing error, which involves multiple bills getting generated for the same procedures or services.• Dedicated account management: Always prefer a service that provides you, experts, to dedicatedly look after your collections without any extra charge. The account managers should always be within your communication range to provide assistance during an emergency.• Flexible services: Sometimes you might need a single service like prior authorization. Choose a medical billing service that can offer you standalone services as and when required and not charge for a whole package for RCM or other packages. It should also be flexible enough to work in both the electronic and manual platforms as per the requirement.• Special edge: A great and a good medical billing service can be distinguished by the virtue of that ‘something special’ it offers. A great medical billing service can maintain a seamless healthcare management through cutting-edge services for the patients, providing your practice with the professional guidance it needs to complete a comprehensive end-to-end revenue cycle management. An experienced and reliable company can do the trick for you by achieving the seamless overall transitions from your time and cash stripped condition to making your practice revenue-healthy, up, and running.Errors, both electronic and human can nag your practice from getting the desired result. Signing a really able medical billing service will provide you with the shield from those errors saving you unnecessary loss of time and money!